eArtius Pareto Explorer

The ground-breaking eArtius Pareto Explorer uses the company's patented technology and delivers breakthrough performance to the most challenging multi objective design optimization problems. eArtius Pareto Explorer leverages innovative new multi-objective algorithms along with new real time data visualization and mining tools to find better, more optimal design solutions from complex product design choices. eArtius Pareto Explorer can optimize any type of complex multi-discipline data where it is crucial to find the best trade-off from among the literally infinite number of available alternatives.

eArtius Pareto Explorer is a complete design exploration solution with all the tools necessary to optimize any system or product design and integrate with simulation software tools, eArtius Pareto Explorer includes including all eArtius's proprietary algorithms, as well as commonly available optimization algorithms.

eArtius Pareto Explorer features four key product advances that dramatically change how optimization is used:

  • Orders of Magnitude Faster

    eArtius Pareto Explorer's set of groundbreaking algorithms (both patented and patent pending) reduce the actual optimization time. Not just a few percentage points faster, but orders of magnitude faster - typically 10-200 times faster. For example a problem that might have taken a week to run with competitive programs can be run in Pareto Explorer in an hour or two. In addition, these algorithms are also more accurate than previous algorithms, and can handle a larger number - thousands - of design variables. Download our White Papers here.

  • Advanced Data Visualization

    eArtius Pareto Explorer features a large selection of data visualization, graphic display and design exploration tools that provide more advanced ways of understanding and exploring multi objective design space, and selecting the optimal solutions. . It is possible to view the relationships between multiple sets of design variables and objectives, and even to improve the result for one objective and instantly see the impact on other variables - all with a few clicks of the mouse!

  • Simple Point-and-Click Interfaces

    eArtius Pareto Explorer was designed to run in a Microsoft Windows environment with simple point and click interfaces for all aspects of the optimization. All the visualization and optimization menus are always visible in easily accessible dockable menus. eArtius Pareto Explorerís interface really is user friendly and can be picked up with a minimum of training.

  • Integration with Analysis Programs

    eArtius Pareto Explorer can be easily integrated with any type of analysis package. Integrations are built in, making eArtius Pareto Explorer interface seamlessly with most commercial Computer Aided Analysis (CAE) programs through direct interfaces or through popular Process Integration and Design Optimization (PIDO) frameworks. Custom analysis software can be integrated via Microsoft's COM (Component Object Model) interface - the interface that all Microsoft Windows applications use to communicate. Since we only create optimization products, eArtius Pareto Explorer is completely agnostic as to what program is doing the analysis.

How does eArtius Pareto Explorer work? Register for a Demonstration

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