eArtius is announcing the release of v2012.0 of the multi-objective and multi-disciplinary optimization software, ParetoExplorer™. This PIDO tool allows easy coupling to any simulation code, and provides superior multi-objective optimization algorithms. New version of ParetoExplorer is even more user-friendly than previous versions, has enhanced graphical visualization functionality, and provides more advanced version of optimization algorithms.

Pareto Explorer

eArtius Pareto Explorer significantly reduces the time required in all phases of optimization - the time required to formulate the design optimization problem in the software, the time required to perform the optimization, and the time required to understand the results and select the best alternative. It provides all of eArtius' advanced algorithms in a complete optimization solution, including the optimization workbench, sophisticated graphics visualization, and a process integration framework. eArtius Pareto Explorer also puts interactive tools in the designer's hands, bringing true understanding of the relationships between the many competing objectives in the product design process, and transforms the challenging problem into an easy to manipulate graphical solution. more...

eArtius Plug-ins for the most popular commercial design optimization environments Noesis OPTIMUS, ESTECO modeFrontier, and Simulia Isight utilize eArtius' multi-objective optimization technology to deliver dramatic advantages over existing optimization algorithms - all seamlessly integrated with the environments. Existing users can simply install eArtius' advanced optimization algorithms into their existing environments to improve their optimization results.

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