eArtius Plug-in for Isight provides breakthrough technology for design optimization

Irvine, CA, USA, September 27, 2011 - eArtius Inc., has announced the first release of their eArtius Plug-in for Isight.

Isight from SIMULIA, the Dassault Systèmes brand for realistic simulation, provides an open, robust environment for creating simulation process workflows, automating the exploration of design alternatives, and identification of optimal performance parameters.

"We are pleased that eArtius has joined our Isight Component Integration Program to make their innovative optimization technology available to our customers," said Alex Van der Velden, Director, CTO Office, SIMULIA, Dassault Systèmes. "Their technology provides improved efficiency for a range of multi-objective optimization problems and provides real-time integration with their leading edge eArtius Pareto Explorer visualization tool."

Product designers using multiphysics simulation software often have difficulty evaluating trade-offs for conflicting design objectives. These barriers have prevented many firms from investing in design optimization despite benefits such as reduced costs, quicker time to market, and improved product performance. eArtius Inc. broke the boundaries of design optimization with their release of new technology, making it possible for companies at every level to reap the benefits of design optimization, rapidly and cost-effectively.

"We are proud to bring eArtius Plug-in for Isight to the market and believe that our new optimization approaches will not only be a tool for engineers to solve existing optimization in a small fraction of the time, but will also expand the use of optimization for such complex products that never were considered to be optimized," said Vladimir Sevastyanov, CEO, eArtius.

New eArtius multi-objective optimization algorithms (a) spend just 2 to 7 model evaluations to estimate gradients regardless of task dimension, (b) optimize expensive high-dimensional simulation models directly, without use of traditional response surface approximations, (c) use Pareto frontier as a search space for multi-objective optimization, which allows finding a shortest way from a given design to a desired Pareto optimal solution, (d) provide a pure gradient-based approach for local optimization, and a hybrid global optimization technology combining strongest sides of gradient-based technique and genetic algorithms. eArtius optimization algorithms are 5 to 20 times faster comparing with best competitive algorithms, and are equally efficient optimizing simulation models with dozens, hundreds, and even thousands of design variables.

eArtius Press Contact:
eArtius Inc.
1417 Abelia Street
Irvine, CA 92606

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